Day 1 arrival

Days 2,3,4
Lohusuu village

Introduction, excursion in the Lohusuu village
Exhibition and workshop in Lohusuu community house
Presentations from participants
Open air dinner in village square, performance of a local dance troupe, networking and discussions with local community leaders
Visits to seamans room and Russian room, Lohusuu church
Boat-trip in lake Peipsi
Dinner in the garden of a local inhabitant: smoking fish, singing with local group
Walk and picnic in woods
Visit in small town Avinurme
Excursions, workshops and discussion in Avinurme wooden handicraft centre

Day 5
Trip from Lohusuu to Kolkja

Participation in worship in Raja church
Mustvee Museum
Visits to Kallaste, Kasepää and other small villages
Swimming in lake Peipsi
Days 6,7,8,9
Peipsimaa Centre

Introduction of Peipsimaa visiting centre
Stamp-print workshop
Visit to Kolkja museum
Lunch in Fish and Onion Restoraunt
Fishnet making workshop and fisherman tails with guidance of local fisherman
Dinner in Onion farm
Bycycle trip: Kolkja-Kasepää-Varnja
Art museum AmbulARToorium in Kasepää
Varnja church
Lunch in Varnja museum
Evening with singing together with Fjodors tšaštuški
Seasonal work with local villagers
Seminar/workshop with participation of representators of different local communities: “ Oppurtunities of sustainable development of Periphery (or foregin language speaking) communities.”
Alatskivi centre of nature
Alatskivi hiking track
Birdwatching at lake Lahe
Village Nina
Dinner and wrapup in Alatskivi castle
Workshops and discussions in Peipsimaa Visit Centre
Visits and joint lunches/dinners in homes of local Old Believers
Swimming in lake Peipsi

Day 10 departure


Location of the venues:

Lohusuu: Järve tee 6, Lohusuu, Ida-Virumaa county, Estonia
Kolkja: Suur tee 25, Kolkja village, Peipsiääre, Tartu county, Estonia